Bulk Water Supply

We provide sustainable Water Solutions to the unique challenges that face South Africa. Our expertise in Water Demand Management and Water Loss Control assists municipalities to manage water in a responsible manner.

Our involvement in the development and implementation of Regional Water Supply Schemes for Local and District Municipalities started more than 20 years ago. We have gained extensive knowledge in the implementation of Municipal Water Infrastructure, which includes abstraction, treatment, pumping schemes, bulk water supply, reservoirs and municipal reticulation networks. Our knowledge and experience makes us particularly adept at handling emergency municipal water supply situations.

We design, implement and commission
the following fields through our specialized services:
Master planning and Water Service Development Plans

As experts in the development and design of expansive water transfer projects, encompassing the creation of comprehensive business strategies and feasibility analyses, we consistently offer our support to local governments as they navigate their Water Service Development Planning (WSDP) process. This includes the formulation of pumping schemes and reservoirs. Leveraging our broad experience with bulk supply initiatives, we have honed efficient and facile approaches that are optimized for minimal maintenance requirements.

To guarantee the precision, suitability, and durability of our Water Service Development Plans and Water Master Plans, we rely on the aid of our Geographical Information System Team, who bring an exacting eye to every detail.

Bulk Conveyance Systems, including pump stations,
reservoirs and bulk pipelines
  • Bulk pipelines
  • Bulk reservoirs
  • Clear Water Pump Stations
Our recent Regional Water Supply Scheme projects include: Middledrift: R245m, Hlahlindlela: R230m and Simdlangensha West – R175m; Ntinini – R330m; Kwanobamba Ezitendeni: R207m
Weirs and Abstraction Systems
  • Weirs
  • Raw water abstraction works
  • Raw water pump stations
Water Reticulation Systems and Networks
  • New township development
  • Replacement of town water supply
  • Rural water supply
  • Rudimentary water supply

Our recent water reticulation projects include: Kwahlokohloko SSA5: R175m; Barberton / Suidkaap: R35m and many more.

Water loss monitoring and calculation

Our recent water loss and monitoring projects include: Bilanyoni, Mangosutho Township and Emondlo Township

Water & Waste Water Treatment Facilities

We design and implement Water and Waste Water Treatment facilities through technical solutions that improve Operation and Maintenance. Our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Water and Waste Water sector ensure that we stay at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Water Treatment Facilities

Our knowledge on Water Treatment Processes has enabled us to introduce new technology, building on the water treatment principles of the engineers before us. We are now able to treat water more efficiently, provide a better quality as well as a significantly higher capacity.

Our Water Treatment disciplines are:
New Water Treatment Works

We have extensive knowledge in the design and development of potable Water Treatment facilities. Our expertise has a rich development background from the 1990’s when rural water supply schemes were introduced.

We offer design services from small Package type Treatment Plants to large Conventional Water Treatment Facilities. We have a proven track record that our designs are practical and easy to operate and maintained by municipal staff.

Our recent New Water Treatment Facilities including the completion of processes such as civil mechanical and electrical designs, construction management and supervision are as follows:

  • Klipfontein Water Treatment Works in KZN – expanding the existing water, Treatment plant from 12Ml/day to 54Ml/day.
  • Clarens, 6Ml/day Water Treatment Works – Free state.
  • New 20Ml/day, Water Treatment Works at Middledrift, Nkandla.
  • Various Package Treatment Plants with capacities of 500kl -3.5Ml/day.

Water Treatment Facility Refurbishment

We have performed refurbishment designs on many Water Treatment facilities. Our engineers have the capacity to survey and analyse existing facilities. Defective and “bottleneck” areas are identified and recorded in a report to assist clients with funding motivations to Department of Water Affairs etc.

We are proud to announce that we have been involved in the reviving of many dilapidated treatment facilities that are now all complying with the “Blue Drop” Requirements of Department of Water Affairs.

Recently refurbished Water Treatment Facilities include:

    • eMondlo Township WTW, refurbish and upgrade from 8ML to 15Ml/day.
    • Ulundi WTW, refurbish and upgrade 28Ml/day.
    • Barberton / Suidkaap WTW and Raw water abstraction 4.7Ml/day.

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

ECA Consulting has also been involved in numerous new Waste Water Treatment Works facilities. Employing the latest technology standards with nutrient and phosphate removal where required by the Department of Water Affairs. We also offer plant assessment services to municipalities. This ensures a balanced facility that offers the best quality effluent for the size of the plant and to meet with “Green Drop” requirements of Department of Water Affairs. We have the required industry knowledge to add value to municipal infrastructure implementation, operation and maintenance, as we have a good understanding of municipal concerns, we understand their budget constraints, and we are able to assist in resolving their treatment plant emergencies.
Our Waste Water disciplines are:
New Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Our experience has enabled us to integrate the latest thinking and technologies into our designs, with a view to optimise the performance of water treatment facilities.

  • Package plants
  • Pond systems and wetlands
  • Conventional treatment
  • Biological Nutrient Removal

Our recent New Waste Water Treatment Facilities include: Bergville Town – 1Ml/day, Mthunzini Town – Ph1: 1Ml Ph2: 4Ml/day

  • New township sewer infrastructure
  • Upgrade of existing sewer infrastructure
  • Sewer Pump stations
Our recent Waste Water Reticulation projects include: Bergville Town, Belfast Pump station, Emalahleni 355dia. Outfall Sewer and many others.
Water & Waste Water Treatment Facility Refurbishment

Our involvement in the refurbishment, optimisation and upgrading of water and waste water facilities has assisted our clients to manage the impact of grey water on the environment and to provide safe water to many of their consumers. We have the expertise to assist municipalities with skills that are transferred to our client to develop themselves and to be able to maintain and operate schemes with confidence.

  • Pond systems
  • Septic Tanks
  • Inlet Works
  • Bio filter
  • Pasveer Ditch
  • Humus Tank
  • Digester
  • Chlorination system
  • Sludge drying beds
  • Pump station

Our recent Waste Water Refurbishment projects include: Nongoma WWTW – 6Ml/day; Ulundi WWTW – 10Ml/day; and Coronation WWTW – 1.2Ml/day.

Completed Projects

Klipfontein Raw & Clear Water Transfer Scheme

Client: Zululand District Municipality
Project Value:
Pump station – R15m Pipeline – R30m
Project Description:
  • New Raw Water Transfer Pumps – 125l/s (phase 1) Pump with 2 x 220 kW Motors; New Motor Control Centre;
  • Upgrading of 11kv Power and Step Transformers;
  • New 800mm Dia, 4.2km, Cement mortar lined Ductile Iron Pipeline inclusive of Provincial Road Crossing Pipe Jack;
  • Surge Tanks
  • Middledrift Regional Water Supply Scheme

    Client: UThungulu District Municipality
    Project Value:
    Raw Water Pumps; Clear Water Pumpstation & Pipeline (R67 500 Million complete works)
    Project Description:
  • New Raw Water Transfer Pumps – 120l/s Pump with 2 x 315 kW Motors to 260m Head;
  • New Motor Control Centre;
  • New Clear Water Pumps;
  • New 800mm Dia, 680m, Cement Mortar Lined Ductile Iron Pipeline.
  • Queens River Pumpstation & Suid Kaap Water Treatment Works

    Elhanzeni District Municipality/Umjindi District Municipality
    Project Value:
    Project Description:
  • Upgrading of Transfer Pumps; Raw Water (315mm Dia) & Treated Water Rising Mains (315mm Dia)
  • Water Treatment Works Refurbished
  • eMondlo Raw Water Pumps

    Zululand District Municipality
    Project Value:
    Project Description:
  • Upgrading of Transfer Pumps & Manifold Refurbished
  • Flow Rate: 12ML/day
  • Head: 230m
  • Pipeline: 12km, 350mm Dia D/Iron.
  • Vant's Drift Raw Water Pumps

    Umzinyathi District Municipality
    Project Value:
    R10m (Pumps)
    Project Description:
  • Upgrading of Transfer Pumps & Manifold Refurbished
  • Flow Rate: 10ML/day
  • Head: 330m
  • Contract No: ZDM 618/2007:

    Civil Eng. Support to the ZDM for Rudimentary Water Supply Programme.

    Zululand District Municipality
    Project Value:
    3 Year Appointment – Total Project Value R100m.
    Project Description:
    Professional Eng. Services for Implementation of Borehole drilling programme and construction of small standalone water scheme to Rural Communities.
    Project Status : Completed.

    Contract No: ZDM 072/2015:

    Civil Eng. Support to the ZDM for Rudimentary Water
    South and Ceza Stand-Alone Water Supply Schemes.

    Zululand District Municipality
    Project Value:
    3 Year Appointment
    Project Description:
    Professional Eng. Services for Implementation of Borehole drilling programme and construction of small standalone water scheme to Rural Communities.
    Project Status : In progress.

    Contract No: SCMU 039/2012/2013:

    Consulting Engineer for Ingwavuma Interim Water Supply.

    uMkhanyakude District Municipality
    Project Value:
    Business Plan Value: R34m for Borehole Drilling & Equipping Programme.
    Project Description:
    Professional Eng. Services for Implementation of Borehole drilling programme for Ingwavuma Interim Water Supply.
    Project Status :
    Borehole Drilling Phase Complete (Equipping to follow – Tenders Complete).