ECA Consulting is a 100% South African-owned company.

All company shares are held by employees themselves.

ECA Consulting is verified as a small enterprise with a Level-1 BEE contribution classification with > 60% Black Ownership and with a recognition score of 135%.

The company’s empowerment policies are founded on the principles and objectives outlined in the South African Broad-based Economic Empowerment Act of 2003 and focus on:

  • Corporate social investment;
  • Employment equity;
  • Enterprise development;
  • Equity ownership;
  • Management control;
  • Preferential procurement; and
  • Skills development
The company is committed to assisting previously disadvantaged individuals. Our commitment to training and mentorship is evident in our in-service civil and structural engineering training programmes and annual bursary awards. A large portion of the company’s budget is directed towards development and education.

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