ECA Consulting has a strong relationship with Local Municipalities and has extensive knowledge in the design and implementation of development projects in their different wards. We have assisted municipalities with all types of projects i.e.:


  • Multi-purpose Community Centres
  • Education / Youth Centres and Crèches
  • Cemeteries
  • Rural Gravel Roads
  • Pedestrian and Access Bridges
  • Paved Pedestrian Walkways
  • Sports Facilities
  • Flood Relief and Storm Water Management
  • Municipal Swimming Pools
  • Sanitation Programmes
  • Local Economic Development and Business Hubs
  • Taxi Ranks
  • Refuse Disposal Sites
  • Market Stalls

We are proud to announce that some municipalities have in some instances adopted our designs as their industry standards.

We provide local municipalities with a complete Project Solution for Project implementation:

  • Project Feasibility Studies / Business Plans;
  • Project application to funding programmes (MIG, NTP, ACIP, MASSIFICATION or similar);
  • Environmental application and Authorisation;
  • Supply Chain / Tendering;
  • Project Construction


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