At ECA Consulting, we are proud of our trusted relationships with local municipalities. With our extensive knowledge and experience in designing and implementing development projects, we have consistently delivered successful projects across various wards.

Our portfolio includes education and youth centres, cemeteries, rural gravel roads, pedestrian and access bridges, paved pedestrian walkways, sport facilities, flood relief and storm water management, municipal swimming pools, sanitation programs, local economic development and business hubs, taxi ranks, refusal disposal sites, market stalls, and multi-purpose community centers.

We provide comprehensive support to municipalities on all types of projects, ensuring that each project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

We are delighted to share with you the exciting news that our designs have been advocated and embraced by multiple municipalities as their industry benchmarks in numerous cases. This speaks volumes to the quality of our work and affirms our commitment to excellence.

Our comprehensive Project Solution offers local municipalities extensive support during every stage of project implementation. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive a seamless experience, and our services include a range of crucial components such as Project Feasibility Studies, Business Planning, project application to various funding programmes including MIG, NTP, ACIP, MASSIFICATION, or similar.

Our support also encompasses Environmental application and Authorisation, Supply Chain and Tendering, and Project Construction. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we aim to provide our clients with complete peace of mind as they trust us to handle every aspect of their projects from start to finish.

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