At ECA Consulting, we are known to adapt our services and designs to meet the needs of developers, so that they can align their business with the demands of an ever-changing market.


Township Infrastructure

We offer practical, affordable and sustainable design solutions for the installation of a variety of services, including streets with auxiliary storm water systems, as well as water and sewer reticulation.

The intended end land use of townships is taken into consideration when we design and implement the required infrastructure.  Our previous township development experience includes commercial development (retail, office, warehousing and distribution), industrial development (manufacturing and processing), and residential development (high and low density).


Property Development

At ECA Consulting, we co-ordinate development activities, converting ideas on paper into real property.


Advisory Services

As part of our developer advisory services, we:

  • Assist, co-ordinate and negotiate service agreements, ensuring that all stakeholders fulfil their obligations;
  • Assist with the calculation of service contributions according to municipal policies for civil engineering services;
  • Ensure that services contributions are interpreted correctly in terms of policies and bylaws and provide assistance in negotiations with municipalities towards finalising inclusion in services agreements;
  • Identify initial risk factors during the project inception phase, as well as the serviceability potential of developments;
  • Compile reports for all types of development, as required for town planning and land use rights applications;
  • Pro-actively address approval conditions required by authorities for the change or establishment of land use rights;
  • Identify cross-cutting requirements and interests of different approval authorities;
  • Holistically project manage and co-ordinate development control functions during the entire project lifecycle;
  • Represent developers at approval authorities and follow up on application processes;
  • Ensure all specialist sub-consultants and developer team members are fully aware of project-specific requirements;
  • Compile concept site development plans and cost estimates; and
  • Provide guidance with regard to municipal plan approval requirements, specifically related to civil engineering services.

Principal Agent or Lead Consultant Services: For Developers and Funding Agents


We provide:

  • The overall co-ordination, programming and financial control of the project;
  • Submission of preliminary and developed proposals in the form of consolidated reports, drawings and specifications, together with estimates of costs for the project as a whole;
  • The overall administration of all sections of the project, including those managed by other professional team members;
  • Approval of certificates for payment to contractors, issued by the other professional members in the team;
  • Approval of certificates for payment to other professional members in the team, before their presentation to the client;
  • Assistance with compilation of professional services agreements;
  • Client records (drawings, manuals, etc.), certification by other professionals and approval authorities;
  • Approval of the final contract account for the project as a whole;
  • Management of the targeted procurement of services; and
  • Conflict resolution between client and contractors or other professionals – excluding mediation, arbitration or litigation.


Current Projects

  • Polokwane: Ivydale Shopping Centre : 13 000m2 Retail
  • Nelspruit Stonehenge Ext 19 : 122 Residential Stands, 167 High Density Opportunities
  • Nelspruit Riverside Ext 25 : 10 Ha Commercial Development
  • Nelspruit Elaweni Estate : Various Infrastructure Improvements and Traffic Calming Measures
  • Belfast Madala Township : 570 Integrated Housing Units

Completed Projects Review

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